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Welcome to All Things Chiropractic. We provide high quality wall hangings to help inspire, motivate and educate you, your staff and most importantly your patients.

Our signs are derived from the original epigrams that were thought up by B. J. Palmer and painted on the walls of the Palmer College of Chiropractic during the days of B. J. Palmer.

Our epigrams appear in the original font and format as they appeared on the walls of Palmer.

As the owner of All Things Chiropractic, I have a deep love and appreciation of the philosophy and history of our great profession.

I am very happy to keep the spirit of chiropractic alive through these epigrams.

Drs. Rob Borer, Carl Gilman, Chad Rohlfson, and Mike Mathes


It all started back at Palmer College of Chiropractic when I was running around with a bunch of passionate students who loved the history and philosohy of chiropractic.

We would be seen any time a part of the grounds were being renovated looking for what remains of B. J.'s epigrams.

I even arranged for special permission to ride ON TOP of the elevator to view the epigrams that were painted on the walls of the elevator shaft.

At some point the gang I ran with wished the epigrams were still up on the walls. Well we didn't just moan and complain, we decided to do something about it. We put together a proposal to have epigrams put back up on the walls. Guess what the proposal was approved!

We got to work researching the original font, the original layout and design of the epigrams. There was a catch however. The old sayings downfall was that they were painted directly onto the walls. This made maintenance of the walls impossible without painting over the epigrams.

Dr. Rob Borer finds original epigrams in an elevator shaft on the PCC campus Elevator area during renovation Elevator area after renovation, with Dr. Palmer's original epigram preserved

To overcome this issue our proposal involved having the epigram sayings produced on a high quality foam plastic product and then mounted to the walls.

As we produced the signs and had them put up on the walls, we made some for ourselves as we made plans for our future offices. As word got out we made signs for our friends as well. Soon we had a consistent stream of requests. At some point we decided to form a company to handle all the requests and come up with a way to make ordering easy. And thus was born... All Things Chiropractic.

33 Epigrams

New sign on display at Palmer College of Chiropractic In honor of the founding 33 principles of our profession as outlined in the Green Books, we have selected 33 epigrams, to have available to you preformatted and ready to ship.

There were of course thousands of epigrams coined by B. J. himself and painted on nearly every square inch of the Palmer campus. If you have a special B. J. saying or other favorite insirational saying, by all means let us know and we will be happy to make it for you. Special orders are no problem.

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